Monday, 21 December 2015

Have a great Christmas and i'll be back in the new year

I am stuck for what to blog about at the moment.  Not much is happening and I would prefer not to blog about anything rather than just post random rubbish that personally, I wouldn't want to read.

I think in the New Year i might do a planner series so keep your eye out for that.  In the meantime I will say I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and a very happy New Year.

Lots of love


Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Making your planner your own

How many of you customise your phone, tablet, car and even your house?  We love things that we own to be a little bit different and most of all, we want it to look how we choose.  When it comes to your planner the sky is the limit.  Well, your imagination is the only limit.  You dont even need to be very skilled or arty to come away with something awesome.  If you really don't feel like it then there are so many people on etsy who will create what you want.

A little plug for my shop here but I make covers for planners of all sizes, I make inserts for personal and A5 planners, I make stickers and paperclips too.  I am still creating listings but soon, I hope there will be plenty planner options for those of you who don't want to do your own.  Anyway as promised it was just a little plug.

There are actually lots of options on etsy however it is quite simple to do the covers and dashboards yourself.

  1. Find the design you want.  Now, whether you draw something, print something or if you find a nice paper it is completely up to you.  
  2. Measure what size you need
  3. Cut to size
  4. Laminate it (if you want to).  I tend to laminate as it makes it more hard wearing but if the paper/card was thick then maybe I would just leave it.
  5. Punch your holes.  If you have a happy planner then you can either use an arc punch or use a single hole punch and scissors to cut the slits.
  6. Sing TA-DAH after you insert it into your planner.
See, totally simple.

I think that covers the basics really.  Ill do another post next weeks about other options. 

Feel free to request and suggest things you would like to see and I will do my best to accommodate. 

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Planners 101

I had thought about adding planners to the scrapbooking series but I thought they deserve a series of their own.  I think it is safe to say I am now slightly addicted to planning.  I am not the most organised person around but because I love paper and all things stationary planning has become something I look forward to doing.  I love going from a blank page to something I really love to look at.

So lets start at the beginning.  Choosing the planner that will work for you.  Which layout do you like the best?  Vertical or horizontal? Daily, weekly or monthly?  Do you want something purely practical or do you plan on decorating it?  There is no shame in having more than 1, (I have 4) not that I'm trying to justify my addiction :).  During this post I will show you a few options.

Happy planner

This is a really affordable option.  It can be bought on amazon for less than £15 and delivery is free.  It does come from the US but I have ordered a few and they arrived within 2 weeks.  If you want more selection then there are a number of stores who sell it.  A quick google for me & my big ideas (MAMBI)  happy planner will throw up lots of options.

Within the happy planner range there are a number of different covers with slight variations on the inside.  I wouldn't tend to worry too much about the front cover as this can very easily be changed (more about that next week).

It is easy to customise and add to this planner as it is a disk bound planner and with the help of a single hole punch and a pair of scissors you can add whatever you want to.

Erin Condren Life Planner (ECLP)

This is a really popular option too.  A little less affordable but really nice all the same.  To buy this you need to order it from the Erin Condren site.  There are lots of options and the chance to personalise your cover.  There is also the choice of vertical and horizontal layouts.

This planner is spiral bound so the customisation options are more limited.


If you buy a filofax then you have so many options available.  You can use the diary that comes with the planner or like myself and lots of other people have done, you can take everything out and do it exactly how you want it.  If you go onto etsy and look for planner inserts then you will find a whole lot of options.  I will be listing the inserts I made onto my store very soon so please favourite my store and you will know when I list new items.

Another option for the filofax is to move your happy planner over to it.  It would need to be the A5 version.  I have the turquoise domino which is currently on offer at WH Smith.  It does require a little bit of trimming but it is by no means difficult.

Kikki K

This comes with its own layout which, like the filofax, you can keep it, remove it and use your own or put your happy planner into it.  One of these is on my wish list for my birthday.  I just cant decide which I love best.  Kikki K will be opening a store in London very soon but from what I have been told their shipping now no longer will cause you to receive customs charges or tax.

Next week I will go into more detail about customising your planner and making it unique to you.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

The fifth instalment of the scrapbook series (my favourite YouTubers)

I could quite easily lose hours watching YouTube for inspiration, ideas, products I wouldn't have thought about and just because I love to watch process and plan with me videos.

In my list of subscriptions I get a little bit excited when my favourites upload something new.  So lets get started.  Grab a cuppa and get comfy because I cannot promise you wont end up lost on YouTube.

The hug life

Liz Ho is awesome.   I love watching her plan with me videos.  Her voice over is never boring and if she makes mistake (like we all do) she leaves it in and shows you how to fix it.  I think I have watched all her videos and always look forward to her posting another.  You can also follow her on instagram and twitter.

Adele Toomey does a bit of everything.  She is a scrapbooker, a project lifer, an art journaler, a planner and lots of other things.  Her videos are really helpful and enabling inspiring.  She has different features on her channel, like grab 5, which is where she chooses 5 items and uses them all in a layout.  She also does mixed media monday, plan with me, flip throughs and process videos.  This is another channel I can just get lost in.

She has a second channel called lets get inkie which I think will be more for the art journaling and flip throughs.

This is a channel from the scrappery kit club.  I haven't subscribed yet but I do plan to soon.  It is a channel where a lot of scrappers create videos using the kit.  If you want to know more about the people who make the scrappery special then click here.  You can also sign up the the kit through that link too.

Well turns out I got very distracted and it took a long long time to get this post done.  Please share your favourite YouTubers or anything else you fancy.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

The forth instalment of the scrapbook series (extra kit)

This is where it can get expensive.  There is a never ending supply or papers, stamps (my addiction at the moment), embellishments or equipment that you could easily fall in love with and just NEED to get.


I think stamps are my all time favourite purchase at the moment.  So far the best place I have found is the sweet stamp shop.  You may remember I said I had been looking at this site but when the second instalment had gone up I hadn't placed an order.  Well I can now tell you that I have placed an order and I love them even more now.  There is just so much you can do with the stamps.  I am now waiting on my second delivery from them arriving.
Tonight I made these bookmarks using the stamps.  I also used a cutting machine.

Cutting machines

Again there is a large selection of these.  You can go for a handheld die cutter or one that works with your pc.  I used to have the Bigshot Sizzix machine which works with various plates, dies and is operated by a handle.  I really liked it but I found the dies could be a bit pricy and I struggled to find exactly what I was looking for.  I did some research and decided to buy the Cricut explore air.  It works by either pulling images off the huge library on the website or you can create your own.  You can literally cut anything.  Take my bookmarks for example.  I used the stamps on paper and took a photo of them.  I then went to photoshop and cleaned them up a bit.  Then i uploaded them to the cricut design space and used the print and cut feature.  You can make anything with it.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The third instalment of the scrapbook series. (Kit subscription)

There are so many scrapbook kits available out there.  Not only scrapbook kits but planner kits, project life kits and sticker kits.  I have only received the likeforever kit so far but I have signed up to citrus twist and the planner society.  I will post about the others once I have received them.

There are lots of other kits and if you want to watch lots of kit reviews then pop over to YouTube and watch Zoes videos.  She is systematically ordering all the kits she can and is reviewing them.   

This is a UK based kit.  If you go into a UK scrapbook page and ask about subscription kits you will hear a loud cry of LIKEFOREVER.  The kit is put together by Nicola.  She puts so much thought and work into making sure here kits are fantastic.  This months kit was amazing.  There are a limited number left so if you want one then you better be quick.  The kit is called Acorn Avenue.  You can see a list of everything that is included on the site and above.

There is also a great little community on the subscribers page on facebook.  Nicola is very much involved on a daily basis with the other members sharing layouts, setting challenges and generally posting advice and suggestions.

The kit costs £27.45 plus postage.  You can buy addons which will be bundled with your kit and you receive a 10% discount as a subscriber.  

Are there any kits you love or would recommend?  I am always up for some temptation!!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The second instalment of the scrapbook series (favourite shops)

There are so many awesome shops out there but I have a few that I love.  Don't be put off by international shipping because sometimes it is so worth it.  The longest I have had to wait for a delivery is 9 days which is pretty good given the amount you get for your money.
Hey little magpie

Whats not to love about this awesome shop.  It has pretty much everything you need.  I could spend a small fortune here (actually I think I have).  I bought most of my basics here.  They have a large selection of albums, page protectors, papers, cards and lots and lots of things to make it look awesome.
Customer service is also fantastic.  The lovely ladies from HLM are very quick at replying to you and will do whatever they can to help.  You can find them on Facebook but beware they will enable the hell out of you.  Last time I placed an order I called them up and asked if they could charge me £10 extra and just put random stuff into my order.  I loved getting stuff that I normally wouldn't have chosen myself and they were more than happy to do it.
Delivery, again its fantastic.  I tend to spend over £50 which gets me free delivery but even if you don't qualify for free delivery its not expensive.  If you spent less than £25 then its £2.95 and less that £50 will cost you £3.95. I have found that my delivery arrives the day after I order which is great for impatient people like myself.  They also offer international delivery.


Ok its not top of my list but it is good if your a student due to the 10 % discount.  There is also a 15% off offer when you sign up to their craft club.  Combine this with quidco where you get 6% cashback and it makes it worth it.  I bought my cricut machine along with project life items which saved me a lot and I earned cashback too.

Do you like stamps? I love them.  I would much rather buy stamps than stickers (i love stickers too) because obviously you can use them over and over again.  I have only just discovered this shop and at the moment I haven't placed an order but trust me that will be changing.  These stamps are so damn cute.  I want them all.  No really I plan on ordering pretty much all of them because shipping is $15 (not too bad really) and I would prefer to pay it once.  As soon as the shop restocks the couple of stamps that are out of stock I will be placing my order.  I cannot wait.

Another great site but also from the US.  I am pretty careful about what I order from here.  I normally set myself a shipping limit (normally $18.84) and I add as much as I can without increasing the shipping.  You would be surprised at how much you can manage to get.  Obviously you need to work out whether it is worth paying the international shipping but when I bought my MAMBI planner plus lots of stickers and other bits it definitely was.  For the planner alone it was worth it.  

Next week I will talk about some kit clubs i've either signed up to or plan to.