Sunday, 21 December 2014

My festive nail varnish haul

I have never really been into nail varnish until recently.  I think its always been so much hassle having to wait for it to dry.  However, now that the kids are a but older I have a bit more time to sit down and paint my nails.  Glitter nails were always a big no no.  I hated the texture and don't even get me started on the nightmare involved in removing it.
This year I decided to give it a proper try and am very pleased to say that I have found a couple of really nice glitter nail varnishes that are worth the hassle and if you put an extra top coat on you don't even notice the texture.

Oh and before I forget, there is an easier way to remove the glitter.  Firstly soak the cotton pad and put it on your nail.  Then take some tinfoil and wrap it around the cotton pad to secure it, leave it for about 10 minutes and wipe off.  It is so much simpler that way.

Lets get down the the nail varnishes though.

Firstly, and in no particular order, is essie damsel in a dress.  This is such a nice dark purple, it has a slight silvery shimmer to it.  I used 2 coats and it went on beautifully.  I think you expect that from essie.  I am loving the dark purple colours at the moment but I think this one is my favourite.  I used my gold glitter (goldmine) from urban decay to add an extra touch of sparkle too.

Then we have another two essie polishes.  First off we have aperitif.  Its such a beautiful red colour. So for this time of the year I feel it is really festive and pretty.  I add the silver essie glitter, set in stone on top for extra sparkle.  Both together look so nice and not at all over the top 90's glitter bomb.

Now we shall move onto the BarryM pair.  We have orchid in the silk finish.  I love how this goes on and how it looks when its dry.  Its another beautiful purple colour with a nice amount of shimmer to it. I gave it 2 coats and didn't put on a top coat as I feel that would ruin the effect.
The other BarryM we have is from the gelly range and is called plum (do you notice a theme). Another purple, as the name would suggest but all of these are different shades of purple. Its really high shine and lasts well.

The final two I have are from L'oreal.  Bling bling bang is a dark blue glitter based polish.  It is not even a little bit shy.  I find with a lot of glitter polishes they need a few coats for a full covering but even after only one you wouldn't be disappointed.  You can use this as a top coat or on its own.  Both would look great.
Finally we have exquisite scarlet.  I didn't actually chose this one.  It was part of the free gift in boots but I still love it.  Is a less in your face red and a bit softer.

Friday, 19 December 2014

What helps keep me sane


Imagine my life for a moment.  Kids screaming, tv too loud, dogs whining and generally being annoying, constant, “Mum can I have a snack.  Mum she hit me.  Mum she breathed girl germs on me (yes that is my boys favourite winge). Is it dinner time yet.”  You get the picture.  So 7pm hits and I get into bedtime mode.  Lots of get your pjs on, have you brushed your teeth and washed up, hugs and kisses.  At about 7.30 things normally go quiet and the kids are up in bed watching a cartoon on netflix before they go to sleep. 

This is the part of the day that I take a deep breath and relax.  The children have survived another day, which, to be honest, some days is actually a miracle so I’ve done good.  

So what do I do when they go to bed?  As little as possible.  I try and have the housework all done so that I get to do nothing when they go to bed.  Some nights I will catch up on my sky planner, other nights Kenny is down and we will watch our mutual recordings like goggle box and forever (if you haven’t watched it you really need to).

Then there are nights where I really need to actively relax.  These night involve getting out the big guns.  These are what this post is all about even if it took me a while to get to the point.

I completely adore Jo Malone at the moment.  My favourite fragrance is the pomegranate nior.  There is nothing more relaxing that filling the bath with really hot water and pouring a capful of the luxury bath oil into the steaming water.  The scent that fills the room is incredible.  

The next stage to my relaxation is lighting a few little candles and turning the light off and putting my chill playlist on.  Then I lie back, close my eyes and relax.  Im sure I must turn into what resembles a prune but it is so relaxing and worth it.  After getting out the bath I put on my jammies that I have had over the radiator.  

That isn’t the end, oh no, this is just the beginning.  I carry on the Jo Malone theme by spritzing a bit of the pomegranate cologne onto my wrists and lighting the candle.  Its the most amazing smell which spreads through the whole house.
I make myself a nice cup of tea and head up to my bedroom where I switch on my twinkly lights and will either read a book, listen to some music or have a netflix binge.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Pizza etiquette.

What are the rules when it comes to pizza?  Am I the only one who thinks that there are certain ways to eat pizza?

Lets take Friday night for example.  Kenny and I stopped of at pizza hut for dinner before we headed home to pick up the kids.  We ordered our food then helped ourselves to the salad while we awaited our blazing inferno with cheesy bites base.  When the pizza arrived it was cut into slices with 3 or 4 cheesy bites per slice.  Now I feel that you should choose a slice, eat the cheesy bites from said slice then eat the actual peace of pizza.  In my view that is the acceptable way to eat it.  Did Kenny see it this way? No he certainly did not.  He thought it was ok to randomly eat the cheesy bites without then consuming the slice of pizza it had been detached from.
He was taking great pleasure in flouting the pizza eating rules.  

After we had eaten enough (and he had defiled every slice by eating a CB from each slice) we asked the waitress to box up the rest of the pizza to take home for breakfast.  Is this wrong?  Is it an approved breakfast item? You tell me.  Kenny was horrified that I planned reheating pizza for breakfast the next day.

After all this discussion about pizza I thought I would do some research to see if there were in fact rules or etiquette dealing with the consumption of pizza.

Here’s what I found.

  • In Italy when you order pizza you will be given an individual pizza that is not sliced.  It is eaten with a fork or knife (ain’t nobody got time for that) and it is considered rude to ask for any leftovers to be boxed to take home.

  • The pizza design is the same all over the world but countries have their own take on favourite toppings.  Like in America the most popular topping is pepperoni, Japan favour sea food like squid and eel, green peas are popular in Brazil and in Costa Rica they like coconut.

  • Other ways people eat pizza are, folding the slice in half, picking all the topping off and eating it all separate (that’s just weird), start with the crust or you can cut the crust off to dip.

I think the consensus is that with pizza anything goes.  Add anything you fancy and eat it at any time.  However, if you have cheesy bites and you are having it with me then you need to follow the rules I outlined above.

Have I missed anything? What’s your favourite toppings and how do you eat yours. 

Friday, 5 December 2014

Do I really NEED a macbook in my life???

I am trying to decide whether I really need a MacBook.  There is no doubt in my mind that I really want one but can I justify the cost when I have a pc (even if it does crash on me often) and a laptop that both do the job ok.

I’m new to the blogging thing and want to start doing more videos etc.  From what I have read, the macbook is by far the best tool to have when it comes to video and image editing.  They are also just shiny and lovely and I want one.  There are so many reasons not to buy one but I keep coming back and thinking how much I really want it so here I will do a list of pros and cons and hopefully by the end of it I will have made a firm decision.


  • It has a free built in movie editor that is simple to use

  • It is slim and light weight

  • It wont crash on me every 5 mins

  • It would work well with the other apple products I own

  • It would do everything I need it to


  • It is very expensive

  • There are imovie alternatives

Well my list isn’t very good.  Think it may be because I want one so much.  Who knows Santa might be good to me this year and leave one under the tree for me.  

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Pure dog food

Pure dog food

This is an initial review of Pure dog food.  There will be a follow up at the end of the trial pack.

I was approached by pure dog food asking if I would like to do a review for them.  Even though this was a free sample my review will still be my honest opinion.

I have been looking for a new food that both Merlin and poppy can have for a little while, since at the moment I have 2 large containers holding their respective foods in.  I will just be feeding this food to Merlin for the time being until I decide if it is right for us.

So lets get started.

The box I received was 500g of chicken delicious.  On the back it gives you some information and instructions along with the feeding guide.  

The website says:

Dehydration naturally preserves the food, removing the moisture whilst retaining the nutrients and goodness found in the fresh and raw ingredients we use in our recipes. We lightly heat our meats just enough to remove any harmful pathogens, our fresh fruit and vegetables are simply washed, prepared and cut to size, whilst we flash cook our potatoes to ensure digestibility, before we slowly dehydrate all of our ingredients. 

To rehydrate the food all you need to do is add water and wait for 10-15 minutes.  The food is able to be stored for 48 hours if kept in a fridge after rehydration.  This might suit people who, like me, are in a hurry in the morning.  I did contact Pure to ask if microwaving the food to bring it back up to room temperature would be ok and I was told it would.  However what they suggested was just to add some more warm water as the food will absorb more after sitting in the fridge for a while.

Whenever I plan on trying a new dog food I always have a look here. Pure food score 4.5 which is really good.

The next step would obviously be the taste test.  I wast feeling very brave so I left it up to Merlin who was more than willing to provide his expert opinion.  He loved it.  I have done a video so feel free to have a watch. 

Its not the cheapest food on the market but you get what you pay for.  If I have done my sums correctly then it would cost me about £2 a day to feed both dogs on this and it would take up a lot less room in my kitchen which in itself would make it worth it.