Wednesday, 4 February 2015

No excuses. Its time to get healthy.

Well so much has happened since I last posted.  I have been sticking to my plan of working out though.  Its not been easy, what with one thing or another.

Ok a quick rundown of whats been going on in January.
Firstly there was my Grandmas funeral which was hugely difficult.
I have been redecorating which has been stressful too.  Totally worth it now though since its pretty much finished.  I will do a post about that later if you like.
My relationship ended which is completely heartbreaking and I am still trying to deal with it.

So yes January was a very difficult and stressful month.  I have decided that February is the month where things change.

I bought myself a daily greatness journal to make myself accountable for everything.  It only just arrived today and from what I can gather from reading through it, it should be started on a Monday so I will be aiming to do that next week.  It seems great.  Its a 12 week plan that you make yourself.  You add your goal etc and input daily thoughts etc just like you would a diary.  I will do a more in depth post about it when I have had the chance to use it.

Another fitness purchase was the fitbit charge HR.  I love this thing.  I did used to have the fitbit flex which was also great.  The charge HR however is amazing.  It does everything I need it to do.  It counts steps, its a watch, tracks heart rate (thats what the HR stands for and they do have a charge without the HR), has caller display if you connect it to your phone, has a great battery and it has silent alarms.  The phone app it really good too.  I use it on my iphone but my friend has the android version and she loves it too.  You can track exercise too.  The flex was waterproof which was great but the charge HR sadly isn't.  I think its the only bad thing I can say about it to be honest.

I have started using a couch to 5K app for my phone.  Im still trying to find one that I love so feel free to give me your opinions.  I am only at the very start but I am determined to do this.  I have a treadmill so there really is no excuses.

I will leave my usernames below and you are more than welcome to join me.  If you have any other sites you think I should check out then just leave a comment and I will go have a look.

Xbox fitness Gamertag - alanasmummy
Fitbit - Click here and add me

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Plus size fitness

Well after my New Years Resolution post went down so well I thought I would do another about fitness.  It's actually a little bit of a rant to be honest, along with some mini reviews on some things I have found.

Ok firstly do you have any idea how difficult it is to find work out clothes if you are larger than a size 16?  It is a complete nightmare.  If you do find any then you are looking at silly money.  Im sorry but my plan is that they wont fit for long so I refuse to spend a lot of money on them.  I realise that I can just wear a pair of leggings and a top (which is what I have to do) but why should I need to?  It is almost like they assume that if you are larger then you clearly sit on your bum and eat cake so there really isn't any need to make nice workout clothes.  Oh and sports bras are awful.  I recently bought a sports bra that was meant to be my size and it wouldn't even fasten.  It was way too small.  Running without a good supportive bra is not much fun especially when you have been blessed with more than most.

If like me you don't particularly want to venture out into public then there are other options.  Here are what I plan to use.

Games console

I use my xbox one.  It has a very good fitness app that has lots of workouts available.  As long as you have Xbox live gold and kinect then you will be able to use this.  I like it because there are programmes that are good for the complete beginner (me) to really advanced workouts like insanity etc.
It gives you good feedback and lets you know when you need to work a bit harder and which muscles you are working.  I also like to try and beat my "gamerscore" which is fun and that way you know you are getting better.
If you feel the urge then send me a message and ill give you my gamertag if you want to do it together.

You obviously have the wii fit too but I don't have much experience with that.


I have been doing a lot of research and plan on buying a treadmill once the shed arrives.  Thats the problem with a treadmill, they take up a fair bit of space.  Anyway, i've seen one that I quite like the look of.  It is called NordicTrack T12.2 and ticks all my boxes.  It is compatible with iFit which seems like it could be a lot of fun.   Ill do a complete review on the treadmill and the ifit once it arrives.


Don't underestimate the power of Youtube.  There is pretty much anything you could think of on there.  There are full workouts, tips, yoga, palates and so much more.  I really like yoga with Adriene. Her voice is very calming and she has workouts for complete beginners to more advanced.

Im sure there are plenty more options available to the public shy but these are the options I plan on using.  If you can think of more than please comment below.

I am going to aim at doing a fitness post once a week telling you about what I have done and any progress I have made and like I said if you want to join me then you are more than welcome.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Bumble and bumble Hairdressers invisible oil

What can I say about BB invisible oil range?  I think the fact they are empty kinda says it all.  I love this stuff.  Actually love just doesn't cover it.  This stuff has transformed my hair.  My hair is normally really really frizzy and blargh.  These fixed it.  I notice a huge difference in my hair if I use something else now.  Oh and the smell, I could sit and sniff it for hours.  I will definitely be repurchasing this very soon as I think I only have a couple uses left.

Lets talk about them separately now.  

The blurb says, sulfate free shampoo infused with 6 featherlight oils to help soften, silken, tame, de-frizz, detangle and protect.  It certainly does what it says on the bottle.  I have found in the past that sulphate free shampoo really doesnt lather well, this does.  It gives a lovely luxurious lather and you don't need much which is why the 250 ml bottle has lasted me about 5 months I think.  It also smells fantastic.  Have I already mentioned that I love the smell?  Well I do because it is amazing.

Now for the conditioner.  I love a good thick conditioner and this is just that.  It doesn't leave your hair feeling heavy or as if you haven't rinsed it properly either.  I tend to put a blob in my hands and run it through the ends of my hair.  Then I do everything else that needs done in the shower.  When i'm ready to wash it out I run my hands over the ends and wipe any conditioner onto the rest of my hair.  

Sunday, 4 January 2015

My New Years resolution

Im pretty good when it comes to resolutions.  I generally make them easy so I don't break them.  My resolution for 2012 was to quit smoking which, to be fair, wasn't actually very easy but I did it.  For 2013 it was to be more organised.  I am but its still a work in progress.  In 2014 I  had some pretty major stuff to deal with so my aim was just to get through it.  And look, its now 2015 and I made it (pats self on back).

So this year I have decided I need to make it a bit harder and tackle something that has been an issue for me for as long as I can remember.  My weight.  I know I need to do something so this is where it starts.  Im hoping that by doing it here will motivate me to shift my ass and get it done.

I plan on starting gradually.

  • I will cut out snacks
  • I will take the dogs for longer walks
  • I will start my yoga again
  • I will chart EVERYTHING
  • I will learn to run but doing couch to 5K
There are so many apps, gadgets, devices and equipment on the market that can only make this simpler.  I might join a slimming club if I can find one that will work for me.  

I am looking at all the positives that will come out of this.

  • I will get to go shopping for new clothes
  • I will feel so much better about myself
  • I will look better
  • It will be fun (ha)
  • I will get to go shopping for new clothes..... Oh wait I already said that.  Oh well its worth saying twice anyway
So are you in the same boat?  What are your tips and advice?  


The content on this blog belongs to me.  I am occasionally sent samples to test and review and will be very clear when this is the case.  No matter whether I bought it myself or if it was sent to me, the review will be my own honest opinion.

Also if I find a product completely amazing/rubbish this does not mean it will be the same for you. All skin, hair and people are different.  I am just giving MY opinion

Sunday, 28 December 2014

7 beauty uses for coconut oil

I give my hair a bit of a hammering with bleaching, colouring, blow drying and straightening. I feel very fortunate that it hasn't decided enough it enough and all fallen out.  While I was on a bleach binge last time, I think i pushed my hair to the limit so I did a bit of googling and found lots of people suggesting coconut oil.  It is truly amazing stuff and has rescued my hair.

When I first bought it I went searching for articles about how to apply it, how much to use, how long to leave it for etc. so I thought, while i'm telling you how great it is ill tell you how I use it.

  • Firstly you need to buy some.  You can buy it in health food stores, supermarkets or eBay.  I bought mine on eBay as it was really cheap.  
  • Next I find its best to do it when you have no intention on leaving the house all day as it is not the most attractive process.
  • Put on an old top or wrap a towel round your neck so you don't get oil on your nice clothes (it would wash off if you really cant be bothered)
  • Section off your hair leaving the bottom layer down.
  • Take a spoonful of the oil out the tub (it will be solid) and rub it between your hands to melt it
  • Smooth the oil onto your hair making sure your ends are well coated.
  • Continue to do this with all of your hair till its completely covered
  • I tend to tie mine up in a loose bun to keep it off my face and neck.
  • Now you can go about your business.  The least amount of time I leave mine is about 4 hours but if you can leave it longer then you should.  Even better if you can leave it overnight (put a towel on your pillow.
  • When the time comes to wash it off I find washing my hair 3 times is sufficient to get all the oil off.
A hair mask isnt where the magic stops.  You will find your hands are super soft after doing your hair.  Feel free to rub it into your nails and cuticles for a nice hand treatment.

Below I have listed 5 other uses for coconut oil.

  1. Eye makeup remover
  2. Shaving cream
  3. Cleanser
  4. Body scrub (melt a little over a very low heat and add brown sugar.  Add some vanilla extract or your favourite essential oil for an extra treat)
  5. Massage oil (as above, feel free to add fragrance)

Friday, 26 December 2014

My Grandma

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In memory of Jean Milne 13th April 1936 - 24th December 2014
My grandma was the kindest, sweetest, most amazing person you could ever hope to meet.  I know everybody says that about somebody after they die but she really was.  She would do anything for anybody.
I have so many memories and I’m trying to put them all down here because I’m scared i’ll forget them if i don’t.  As I’m writing this I don’t even know if I will post it.  If your reading it then obviously i did.
I was so close to her as I was growing up.  My earliest memories involve playing on the farm where we lived with my mum and grandparents.  I loved that place, that was where I was at my happiest.  In the house there was the “good room” where we (my brother and I) weren’t allowed to play.  We would jump on the sofas and pretend the carpet was the sea and was full of sharks.  Grandma would always know and come in and catch us.  Likewise when we would go and jump on the hay bales in the barn.
She always wore an apron, you know the checked kind that was sort of like a cardi?  Not sure what you would call them.  There was always tissues up her sleeve or in the pocket of her apron.  I remember her trying to teach me how to play the piano in the porch (I wasn’t very good). There was a big coat stand in there too with all her shoes that we could play with.  She was always cooking and baking.  I loved the “spotty” soup she made.  Just a few years ago she told me all it was was tomato soup, beef stock and rice.  Then there was the cloutie dumplings she made for birthdays and christmas.  She always put money in them and we loved it.
Food seems to be very prominent in my memories of my grandma.  There was no way you could be hungry after visiting.  Maybe thats where I get it.  I love to make people happy and feeding them is an easy way to do that.  No matter what time you arrived you would always get a cuppie and a cake.  Although, as a child you got fizzy juice.  She would allow you 1 glass a day, she called it your allocation.
When we moved away we would come back during the holidays and stay.  I loved spending time there.  There was no TV but we always found something to do.
When I was at school I was picked on a lot.  During break time and lunch time I would go upstairs at school and call her.  She would call me back and we would talk until the bell rang.  I don’t know if she knew how much that meant to me or the fact it stopped me doing something stupid.
I could talk about her for days, she meant the world to me.  I wish I had made more effort when I was older.  She had dementia and as it got worse I visited and called less.  It was too hard to see my grandma disappear in front of me.  I wish the kids could have known her like I did.
I wish I had said goodbye and told her how amazing she was.  I hope she knew how much I loved her.  I feel like I let her down.